Tulsi or holy basil of the Genus Ocimum is an aromatic perennial plant. Tulsi has always been popular for medical purposes and is a common ingredient in Ayurveda. Certainly everyone doesn’t know the major health benefits that tulsi has. We jotted down some of the frequently asked questions regarding tulsi and the amazing health benefits it has.

  • Does tulsi fight cold and cough?

    Tulsi effectively fights cold and cough. Image: deccan

Yes, tulsi is extremely effective in fighting all kinds of respiratory disorders. It’s an excellent remedy for cold or flu. Tulsi has cineole, eugenol and camphene which provides relief from respiratory disorders. You can get rid of cold and cough by chewing a few tulsi leaves or you can boil them in water and drink it.

  •   Does tulsi relieve stress?

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    Image: morty

Basil is often counted as an anti-stress agent. The herb can regulate cortisol (stress hormone) levels and a lower cortisol level leads to reduced stress and anxiety.

  • Can tulsi boost immunity?

    Tulsi can boost immunity. Image: allhealthy

Indeed. Tulsi can be taken in order to boost immunity as the herb has immunomodulatory effects.

  • Can tulsi fight cancer?

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Well, Tulsi can be used to prevent cancer. People who take tulsi as a regular dosage are less likely to develop  cancer cells.

  • Can tulsi prevent acne?

    Tulsi has eugenol that can combat skin irritations. Tulsi can be used to prevent acne. Image: nora

Tulsi has the ability to kill bacteria and thus works wonders on acne and other skin irritation. Tulsi has eugenol which has the ability to combat skin irritations. It’s a powerful antimicrobial. You can take a few leaves and make a paste out of it. Dab the paste on your face or you can mix the paste with coconut oil and then dab the mixture on your face. Coconut oil gets easily soaked in your skin thus making the mixture even more effective.

  • Can tulsi aid in weight loss?

    Image: tebsoo

Yes it does aid in weight loss. Glucose and cholesterol are the two important factors that can lead to gaining weight. Tulsi helps to maintain blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels thus aiding weight loss. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Is tulsi good for the heart?

    Image: medylife

As already said tulsi can regulate blood cholesterol levels thus preventing heart ailments. This aromatic herb is effective in preventing a number of cardiac disorders.Tulsi contains flavonoids that can reduce the chances of platelets forming clots on the arterial walls.

  • Can tulsi be used as a mouth freshener?

    Tulsi, an effective mouth freshner. Image: dunbardental

Absolutely. Tulsi effectively fights bacteria in your mouth while treating a number of issues like bad breath, cavity and dental plague.

With all these health benefits tulsi is indeed the queen of herbs!