Here we bring to you the first of the Simply magical series.

Simply Magical #1

Are you tired of the dark blackish tinge on your lips that makes them look dull, parched and lifeless? Are you pondering over ways to make them look pink, soft, supple and highly moisturized? We know you already resorted to cosmetics and have tried a number of lip balms but you aren’t satisfied. But what if we told you there’s an easier solution? Just a home-made pack can be extremely effective in providing you baby lips that are soft and babylicious!


  1. Beetroot
  2. Vaseline
  3. Vitamin E capsule

Step 1:

Grate the beetroot in small pieces and then place the slices on a sieve. Press them to get the beetroot juice.

Grated beetroot. Image:burban

Step 2:

Take 2 tablespoons of vaseline in a container. Warm it by placing d container over boiled water. See that the vaseline turns into liquid.

Image: walmart

Step 3:

Take 2 spoons of beetroot. Now add 2 spoons of liquid vaseline to it. Stir the mixture. (The mixture turns out to be immiscible, but keep stirring it for quite a bit of time)

Step 4:

Take a vitamin E capsule. Pour its contents in the mixture. Stir well.

Image: ebeauty

Step 5:

The mixture thus formed should be taken it in a clean container where you want to store it. Then put the mixture in your refrigerator and let it cool till it becomes a paste.

Beetroot+ vaseline+ vitamin E

Taddadda!! You are ready with your magic potion! Put this mixture on your lips before going to bed at night, wake up with pink, refreshing, soft lips that you have always cherished. Repeat this everyday for best results.

Image: luluguinness