When Apple was accused of throttling down their iPhones, Samsung was one of the first companies to come clean saying that they don’t do such things. This is why, it’s weird why AGCM (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato), Italian Anti-trust Authority, said that they’d investigate both Apple and Samsung regarding throttling their phones with age.

Apple throttles their phones to keep it stable under high load situation when the battery wear level is high, and this is a good move (well, depends on who you ask), but lack of communication between the consumer and the company regarding the issue has caused a huge misunderstanding and some lawsuits.

Samsung on the other hand, was plagued with bad software back in the Touchwiz days. With so much bloatware and not so optimized software, their phones were slow from the day 1, and they used to get slower with usage, due to reduced nand storage performance, cache build up and bad software. It’s unknown if they ever throttled their phones intentionally, but those phones were notorious for being slow over time.

If we look at other Android manufacturers, all Android phones slow down after some months. Whether that’s intentional or some under-the-hood problem with the Android implementation by the manufacturer, that we will probably never know, but this Apple situation has surely given the whole situation a good shake.