China has been seeking ways to fight air pollution which has beleaguered its people for a long time. Chinese engineers finally sought a way out by building an air purification tower which is claimed to be the world’s biggest air freshener. It has been built-in Xian in Shaani province.

The 100 metre air purifying tower at Xian that can purify air over an area of 10 km sq. Image:


It’s a 100 metre tower that filters dirty air by passing it through several cleaning layers. It  is still undergoing testing by researchers at the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Cao Junji, who is the lead in the research team, said the gigantic tower can produce 10 million cubic metres of clean air a day and it can purify air over an area of 10 square kilometres.

“The tower has no peer in terms of size … the results are quite encouraging,” Cao told South China Morning Post.

As Xian relies on coal to warm up the city during winter, it can become highly polluted during cold months. But engineers say that the air purification tower is efficient enough to purify air even during winter as coatings on the greenhouses enable the glass to absorb solar radiation at a much higher efficiency.

The most crucial fact about the tower at Xing is that it requires little power to run. During daylight hours it barely requires any power input.

People are noticing the improvement in the air quality. The tower at Xian is an experimental tower, Cao and his team plans to build an even larger purification tower standing 500 metres high in other cities.