Did you consider black pepper to be just another spice to spice up your taste buds? Well, there’s good news for you! Black pepper doesn’t just spice up your food, it has a number of health benefits equally.

It belongs to the  Piperaceae family. The fruit is usually dried and used as spice. Pepper is generally classified into three types: Black pepper which is the cooked and dried unripe fruit; Green pepper which is the dried unripe fruit; white pepper which is the ripe fruit seeds. Following are some of the amazing health benefits of black pepper.

1.Weight loss:

Piperine aids in weight loss by blocking the formation of new fat cells. Image:riseup

Fitness freaks will be astonished to know that black pepper can help you lose weight. A new study suggested that piperine, the black component in black pepper that makes you sneeze, fights fat by blocking the formation of new fat cells. It can be used to treat obesity as it keeps the formation of fat in check.

2.Prevents cancer:

Piperine fights cancer. Image:monsanto

Piperine is responsible for preventing cancer as it has vitamin C, vitamin A and anti-oxidants that help to remove harmful radicals from the body. It increases the absorption of  nutrients like beta-carotene, curcumin, B vitamins and selenium in your intestines –which are essential for cancer prevention.

Recommended: Add freshly grounded pepper with turmeric to get the best health benefit.

3.Cures cold and cough:

Black pepper relieves cold and cough. Image: moziru

Black pepper has antibacterial properties and also is a good antibiotic. It provides immense relief from cold and cough when taken with hot water and honey.

4.Lowers blood pressure:

Piperine lowers blood pressure. image: gored

Piperine at your service again! Not only does piperine lower blood pressure it can actually control blood pressure in humans.

5.Stimulates digestion:

Pepper aids in digestion. Image: QnA

Did you know that secretion of hydrochloric acid in your body is also a requirement to stay fit? Well now you know. Piperine helps to release more hydrochloric acid which in turn helps to digest proteins in food. Therefore pepper in your diet will help you to digest your food faster.

6.Promotes oral health:

Pepper improves oral health. Image: dental

Yes, pepper has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to relieve tooth aches and other gum infection.

Recommended: Mix pepper with clove oil to make a paste and then massage it over your gums for a better dental health.

Instead of being reluctant to add a bit of black pepper to your egg toast or steak, trying adding it to your regular diet just to remain more healthy.