Raw meat is extremely unhygienic for pets as well as their owners, says a study.

Attention pet owners! Raw meat for your pets is a complete no-no, says a medical research. People have been under the delusive impression that feeding raw meat is healthier for their pets than other pet foods. But a study from the Veterinary Record journal has found the contrary to be true. Instead of having health benefits it affects their health negatively. The study shows that raw meats often contain tapeworm and bacteria like Salmonella and Escherichia coli. 

The most alarming result was that raw meat samples were found to be contaminated with Zoonotic bacteria which are transmissible to humans as well. Zoonotic bacteria are highly contagious as it can contaminate any food (human food too) that comes in contact with the pathogens.

Raw meat is unhygienic for your pet.

Some samples were found to be contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria which can lead to renal failure in humans. The most alarming fact is that almost 75% samples contained E coli (Escherichia coli) that is resistant to antibiotics.

It’s time for pet owners to be aware of the kind of food they are serving their pets as raw meat is a threat to the hygiene of both the pets and their owners.