While mindfulness sounds like a hoax at times so does restlessness sound like the ultimate destructive instrument everytime you try to fix your mind on something.
Well, almost we all are aware of this trauma.
Meditation is the solution to all our problems. In order to enhance mental clarity, calmness of mind and better concentration all you need  is  learn to meditate.

Our mind is complex and always needs a job to do. Our mind needs to remain occupied by thoughts but we are often distracted by thoughts of the past and the future. The only moment that matters is the present moment. So we need to learn ways to train our minds to focus on the present. And this can be achieved through meditation.

You can do this in your own house, in your own room. All you need to do is follow the following steps :

1. Find a place in your house which is free from noise because during the first stages of meditation it’s difficult to train your mind to concentrate amidst sounds.

2. Sit in a comfortable position. Your spinal cord must be straight. You can sit on a chair or a sofa, anywhere that makes you feel comfortable.

3. Slowly close your eyes.

4. Breathe in and out slowly. Try to focus on your breaths. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly.

5. As thoughts start crowding your mind don’t force your mind to ignore them, rather let the thoughts float by.

6. If you find your mind getting distracted, slowly bring your focus on your breath.

7. Count your breaths as you breathe in and exhale. Just concentrate on your breathe.

Begin with a five minute session. Then you can slowly increase the time period and see the way meditation impacts your body and soul. It will teach you to become a more balanced version of yourself.


Image: theshillongtimes